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BCFilms productions under other directors

"The Other Room" directed by Aaron Olsen ( 2013)



"Shine" directed by Shevon Young (2015)



"Late" directed by Elaine Grey













 Bryan Casey


Along a Dark Road- Finished

Things to Come- Finished

Unrequited- Finished

He Never Said a Word- Finished

A Search For Home- Finished

In Memory of You- Finished

Alone- Finished

This Time Each Year (feature film)- Post production

Tribulation (short film)- Post production

Shine- Post-Production 

What the Heart Wants (short film)-  Post production 

Between Us (short film) - Post production

Quiet- Post production

Late- Finished 

Chance (short film)  In Pre-production

Finding Surrogates ( feature film)-Goes into production in 2017

The Wanderer's Game (feature)-  Goes into production in  late 2017

Se bet ou ye (short film) TBA